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Business Planning

Our Approach

Pulling together the necessary details of a comprehensive business plan requires focus and effort.  And when guided by an experienced team, it drives seriously good results.  Let's face it: Competition for financing is more challenging than ever.  A poorly written business plan is likely to be dismissed.  It's the thoughtful, credible business plan that will win financial backing.

Our Capabilities

Business Plan Development and Evaluation:
The Clear Path team drives results by plotting - and then executing - a smart and thoughtful business plan.  The business planning process includes a thorough evaluation of the marketplace, smart strategy planning, and the development of short and long term milestones.  We then create an organizational structure to accomplish the objectives of the business plan along with realistic financial projections to guide the business.

Go-to-Market Plan Development and Evaluation:
The Clear Path team develops and evaluates go-to-market plans that bridge sales and marketing strategies, brand management practices, and consumer insights to drive top - and bottom - line growth.

Financial Plan Development and Capital Structure Evaluation:
The Clear Path team develops and evaluates financial projections and models to determine the capital required for a new or existing venture. The Clear Path team also has the necessary expertise to determine the appropriate capital structure for an organization.

Succession Planning and Organizational Design:
The Clear Path team can help identify critical human resource needs within an organization, design the organization for the future, and help evaluate internal and external talent. 



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