Helping Business Owners, Organizations, and Communities Manage the Present, Build Toward the Future, and Realize Dreams


Clear Path Consulting: Strategic Problems. Solved

Every day we help start, grow, and turn around for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. We do it because we’ve been where you are now. We do it because we know that, with good strategy, we can create the right sales and marketing plans to differentiate your organization and elevate your status in the marketplace.
We do it because we know we can get you to a better, more profitable place.

Clear Path is a management consulting company that works with entrepreneurs, organizations, and communities to manage the present, build toward the future, and realize dreams. 

Our Experience
– We have helped start, grow, and turn around both for-profit and non-profit organizations. 

Our Approach
- We understand the importance of developing strategies that create differentiation, developing business plans that are credible, and developing teams to execute upon those plans to create value in the marketplace.

Our Objective
- To help our clients deliver the best products and services to the correct target market, which in turn will allow them to capture the highest return on investment for their stakeholders.


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