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Strategy is What We Do

At Clear Path Consulting, we believe that successful strategic planning is the result of an intentional, focused process. When done right, it creates a reliable road map that a startup or an established business or organization can use as an everyday touchstone to guide decision-making. It’s simple, but not simplistic. And it cascades to everyone so that an organization can work in unison toward a common goal.

Our Capabilities

Strategy Development and Prioritization

To create good business strategy, it’s important to focus on the projects and opportunities that represent an organization’s highest priorities. But how do you determine your priorities?  And how do you justify your choices? Both prioritization and justification are important steps in an effective strategic planning process.

The Clear Path team can help you answer the following questions: 

  • How can we generate the creative insights that lead to competitive advantages?
  • How do we increase our agility and preparedness in a stable or volatile environment?
  • Where should we focus our resources first to increase our chances for successful execution?

How do we best translate our strategic vision into a plan and a financial business case?

Organizational Visioning

The Clear Path team’s proven visioning process helps organizations develop a clear purpose and shared vision. We start by thoroughly exploring the current condition of the organization. We then contrast the current state with the desired future state.


Some questions we use to guide the discussion include:

  • What are the broad principles for which we stand?

  • What are the aspirations we are trying to achieve?

  • What are the specific medium- and long-term strategic goals we are working toward?

  • How should we develop and communicate our vision to foster the broadest possible acceptance?



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